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About Slurry Dynamics International Inc.

Slurry Dynamics International Inc.has been in business since 1986, supplying and servicing our customers' needs with high quality seal products and machined parts. Slurry Dynamics International Inc. supplies products and services to the chemical, pulp & paper, mining, mineral processing,  manufacturing, and service industries as well as municipalities. Slurry Dynamics International Inc. is a small but fast growing mechanical seal company, whose specialty is the ability to design and manufacture a range of mechanical seals for “Stand alone” operations in all types of abrasive/corrosive fluids.
It is our Mission at Slurry Dynamics International To incorporate flexibility into our manufacturing processes in order to rapidly and effectively respond to our customers' needs and continue to develop our seals to be as simple as possible and rugged enough to stand up to the hardships of operating in abrasive slurries.

The Slurry Dynamics International Inc. Panaceal TM

Pictured above is a cross section of our standard short cartridge PANACEAL TM slurry mechanical seal. This standard design is used in various types of pumps, agitators, and other designs of rotating equipment.
Slurry Dynamics International Inc. has designed and developed our slurry mechanical seal as a simple "pre-set cartridge seal" that requires no measuring or special tools for assembly into the equipment housing.
We have also taken the time and effort to develop our seal such that it can be easily disassembled and rebuilt either in the field or plant workshop, without the need of any special tools.
Replacement seal parts are for all of our seal designs, can be easily fitted by hand, using only a suitable lubricant and basic hand tools.
In addition to standard designs for the most common pumps, we have designed and developed many variations of our basic design to suit specific applications and equipment, always keeping in mind important maintenance considerations, ie. easy to install and use.



The PANACEAL TM is successfully sealing many products in various types of fluid handling equipment WITHOUT any type of flush. The PANACEAL TM slurry mechanical seal is successfully sealing such products as Lime slurry, Coal slurry, Potash, Soda ash, Alumina hydrate, Catalyst slurry, various caustic slurries, Phosphate slurry, and raw sewage. In all of these instances our mechanical seal is running in the product with NO FLUSH, thereby eliminating product dilution or contamination from barrier fluids or gases. While the PANACEAL TM slurry mechanical seal is a "Flushless Mechanical Seal", we at Slurry Dynamics recognize our customers needs differ from service to service. For some services a flush has been shown to prolong seal life, hence we are pleased to offer an optional flush for those situations. We are constantly evaluating various seal face materials and combinations, not only to provide the optimum sealing performance while running totally submerged, but to also withstand intermittent
dry running’ situations, and still maintain a positive seal when the fluid returns to the seal area.
We have applied our spring technology and elastomeric coatings to allow for even greater flexibility and operating conditions of our seal.
Slurry Dynamics International, Inc. is committed to ongoing design and development of slurry mechanical seals with the concept of simplicity and long service life foremost in our minds.


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