Features & Benefits of THE PANACEAL

Our proprietary SDI mechanical seal design offers industry-tailored solutions for slurry pump sealing applications. Talk to us today about the features and benefits of The PANACEAL to optimize your operations and performance.



Simplicity of design

  • Design features have minimized the number of parts facilitating ease of assembly and installation
  • Fewer O-rings than other slurry seals reducing the number of possible leak paths

Easy to repair

  • Customer can repair the seal in their facility without special tools or equipment

No flush is required, thereby eliminating product dilution

  • No flush piping or flush system to install and maintain
  • No product dilution saves on energy costs incurred to remove any flush fluid

Conical spring assembly

  • Does not clog when immersed in slurries, remaining free to flex

Cartridge seal assembly

  • No special tools, equipment, or measuring instruments are required for installation

Seal sizes between 1” - 9” interchangeable parts within the same grouping

  • Minimum amount of spares for inventory, thereby minimizing inventory carry costs and freeing up shelf space

Seal is internally mounted

  • Seal can be installed and removed from the wet end of the pump; the drive end does not have to be disturbed, saving on labor costs

Large radial and axial tolerances

  • Can accept significant radial and axial misalignment (up to .025" radial, and .040" axial)

Thick cross-section of seal components to compensate for wear

  • Longer operating life

Large clearances at the inside diameter of the rotary assembly

  • No seal hang-up due to product crystallization on the atmospheric side of the rotary assembly (product crystallization is a typical result of face lubrication)

Elastomeric cup on the rotary face with external elastomeric drive lugs

  • Absorption of any shock loading at start-up or a slip-stick condition during operation
  • Compensates for the misalignment of seal faces

Patented tungsten carbide rotary face insert with nickel binder

  • Better wear characteristics
  • Will not heat check quickly
  • Can tolerate intermittent periods of dry running
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Higher corrosion resistance than other tungsten carbide grades

Abrasive resistant silicon carbide stationary face

  • Extremely hard material gives longer life in abrasive applications.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • High thermal conductivity allowing better dissipation of frictional heat generated at the seal faces.