Overview Of The Incredible PANACEAL™

SDI offers PANACEAL™ as a true slurry mechanical seal designed and manufactured for rough slurry services. The PANACEAL also performs well in less severe slurry services such as chemical and municipal applications.

Breakdown Of The PANACEAL

The PANACEAL is comprised of components that are available in a wide array of materials and designs to meet a broad spectrum of abrasive slurry and chemical applications.

The metal components are available in materials that include stainless steel, high chrome iron, and CD4. These components can also be treated with ceramic coatings to further enhance wear and chemical resistance.

Seal Sleeve

The seal sleeve is the driving influence for the rotating components of the seal. It is available in various designs to lock the sleeve to the shaft or the shaft sleeve. These designs also allow for varying lengths and clearances inside the frames of different pump designs.


The retainer holds a stationary face in a fixed position with an anti-rotation pin or by shrink fitting the seal face into the retainer. The retainer is secured to the pump casing via an adaptor or is replaced with a seal chamber in some applications.

Rotary Face

The rotary face can be bonded in a chemical-resistant elastomeric cup or shrink fitted or O-ring mounted.

Rotary Body

The rotary body holds the rotary face as well as the cone spring.

Cone Spring

The cone spring is a metal spring that is molded inside one of many different elastomers.
While the cone spring provides the closing force that keeps the sealing faces from separating,
it also acts as an O-ring that seals against the seal sleeve and the rotary body.


The PANACEAL is available in six standard sizes that can be adapted to almost any make and size of pump. We also offer a custom seal design for virtually any service.

Standard PANACEAL group designations and specifications:

  • The Group ”A” seal fits shaft diameters up to and including 2”.
  • The Group ”B” seal will fit shaft diameters from 2+” to 3”.
  • The Group ”C” seal will fit shaft diameters from 3+” to 4”.
  • The Group ”D” seal will fit shaft diameters from 4+” to 5.5”.
  • The Group ”E” seal will fit shaft diameters from 5.5+” to 7“.
  • The Group “F” seal will fit shaft diameters from 7+” to 9”.